Tabo sa Kapitolyo 2018 Agri-Fishery Trade Fair

I was out somewhere in Capitol compound looking for something else when I stumbled upon this Agri-Fishery Trade Fair called Tabo sa Kapitolyo. The festive and “market” feels have tempted me to stroll around a bit. The fair opened last July 30, 2018 and would end on August 06, 2018. The stalls are open from 8:00am to 8:00pm and the event’s theme is “Malungtaron’g kalambuan alang sa tanan”.

There are many stalls in the fair representing several municipalities of Cebu. Each Coop/LGU representative showcases the original and local products of Cebu province. So   basically, it is a collection of Cebu’s freshest products from fruits to vegetables, root crops, native delicacies, and native crafts. All these at affordable prices.

Top 5 Picks from Tabo sa Kapitolyo 2018

After strolling around I came to list my top 5 favorite products.

1. Banana Spread from Bohol Province.

Banana Spread #Tabo sa Kapitolyo 2018
Banana Spread from Bohol Province

This one was new to me so I decided to have a free taste. The spread tastes like peanut butter at first then later on a sweet taste of banana chips slowly emerged. I bought one small bottle for 35 pesos only. This product caught my attention because of its novelty. Who would have thought a good spread would also come out of banana?

2. #Sukamod of Barili

“Suka hang Simod” I don’t know why i’m particularly fond of vinegars. I know a good one when I see one. There were many “pinakurat” displayed in the fair and all of them were good since they were naturally made. I was drawn to this one though because it really smelled nice, contains just the right amount of spices… and of course it has a catchy name. You’ll know when a vinegar is good. It’s when you smell it and it leads you to imagine all the grilled fish you’ll dip in this vinegar.

Sukamod #tabo sa Kapitolyo 2018
Sukamod of Barili

3. Ruex 10-in-1 Morengirec

This one is my pick among the herbal powder drinks in the fair. 10-in-1 herbs in one drink? Not bad huh. You can drink it hot or cold. I tasted the hot tea they’ve offered for free tasting and it was delicious. I’ve been having sore throat for a few weeks now. Luckily, this herbal drink from Argao has Turmeric and ginger (anti-inflammatory) in it so I bought a small pack for only 60 pesos.

Moringeric #Tabo sa Kapitolyo2018
Ruex 10-in-1 Morengirec

4. Dried Fish

Dried fish everywhere. Too bad I can’t cook. From the looks of these “buwad”, they are of the best kind. Hays.  These dried fish would definitely be perfect when paired with a good kind of locally made vinegar. Too bad I am not allowed to cook in my boarding house.

#Tabo sa Kapitolyo 2018
Dried Fish

5. Vegetables of Pinamungajan

So many fresh  veggies from the farm. Look at those tomatoes… need i say more?

#tabo sa kapitolyo 2018

Aside from these 5, there were many other products that I’m sure you would find interesting. Check them out

Before heading out you should also drop by Cordova’s stall. They sell crab nuggets, sea foods, clam meat and etc. They’ll fry it for you and you can eat it on the go. You could also buy a whole pack and fry them at home.

#Tabo sa Kapitolyo 2018
Crab Nuggets from Central Seafoods, Cordova

The fair is open until tomorrow. Be sure to visit. Enjoy shopping!!!

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7 thoughts on “Tabo sa Kapitolyo 2018 Agri-Fishery Trade Fair”

  1. What a fun place to go. I think I would like the dry fish, I never had anything like that before. And the banana spread looks good too!

  2. First off, HI FELLOW CEBUANO!!! (Okay, so I’m not really /from/ here, I moved when I started college haha!) But anyway, I’ve met several Filipino bloggers but all of them are from Manila and are book bloggers so it’s really nice to know another blogger from Cebu 😊
    Secondly, I’m sad that I didn’t get to go to this last month! I see all those lovely succulents and cacti and the crab nuggets and now I’m hungry. Hopefully, they’ll have a similar event next year!

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