Hey! I am Naz Garcia from the Philippines. A geek, an introvert, a dreamer before reality caught me, a worn-out Civil Engineer trying to vent out her frustration in a blog. Sometimes I play psychiatrist, sometimes a musician, an artist, a psychopath, and sometimes a writer when I feel like it. When I do not drive myself crazy, most probably, I will be outside driving other people crazy. Just kidding, but I guess you already get the idea.

Why I created this blog…

The truth is, although life is such a wonderful journey full of sweet surprises, the twists and turns at some point would drive us to our knees. I still remember the times when I confidently thought that I could change the world, when I was young and full of energy and passion that I felt that I could do anything. Things had changed so much since then. I now have to work 10 hours a day, I have to pay tons of bills, and even had to get along with people I don’t even like. I no longer have time to change myself, much more to change the world. Many people out there ranting these same rants and are looking for outlets to turn to. Thus, this site was born with the aim to share the things I learned from all the ups and downs of life’s roller coaster ride. My personal experience may just brighten someone else’s day or it may provide guidance and reference to the younger ones. Nevertheless, this site was created mainly to express my thoughts and definitely not to impress anyone. Some days I might talk about religion, other days I might talk about politics, or about work, about the weather… I’ll talk about anything under the sun.

What to expect…

You might be wondering where in the world grandomly.com came from. Well, to cut it short, it is from GRAND and RANDOM a randomly made-up word. Majority of my posts in here would be about random thoughts about random topics.  Topics that seem trivial but when analyzed deeper has the power to change us. Since this is a personal blog, I will also add a section for my reviews and mini adventures. My reviews and adventures though would not focus on the mainstreams, as I like to focus on the underrated instead. The little nooks that seems to be unnoticed, the small and shabby restaurants, the weird cafes, these are the ones I might write about. Because I think that blogging has more to do with introducing these underrated ones rather than going along with the mainstreams.

Let’s keep in touch…

There would be times when my opinion may differ with yours and that’s okay. I’m also looking forward to hear your opinion. Guest posts are more than welcome in the Contribution section, so feel free to send articles, poems, or anything worth reading. If you have any reactions, corrections, or suggestion on my post, you may contact me. I would be very happy to hear from you.

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