21 South Burger- Next Big Thing in Town

Tasty Burger

When I tasted 21South’s burger, I actually decided that I’d go back another time to eat another one. That is not something I’d normally think about since I am certainly not a big fan of burgers. In fact, my picky tongue avoid it if possible.  21 South’s Burger is different compared to common burgers from famous fast food restos. Their burger has a peculiar taste that I actually love. Their patties are thick and their buns are homemade sprinkled with sesame seeds. You wouldn’t taste the usual “fast-food burger” flavor since their patties and buns are baked the same day they sell their burgers. 21 South patronizes fresh and high quality buns and patties. Their fries though not homemade, also have the rich and natural potato flavor and can compete with fast food fries in town as well.

21 south burger

21 South Burger Owner’s Story

As per owner, he and his cousins dreamed of starting a burger business as early as 2012. However, the venture did not transpire due to lack of funds. After the owner graduated from culinary school, he started selling no-bake cheesecakes to gather more funds so his dream will materialize. After his parents close their small carenderia, he experimented on burger making for 4 months, which he described, was challenging and difficult. He wanted to have a burger that was of high quality and wholesome. From this humble beginning, 21 South was born. Though location is a bit secluded, good reviews of their products spread and attract many customers from the north and downtown area also.

Location of 21 South Burger

The burger house is located J&J Residence E. Sabellano St. Punta Princesa Cebu City. It’s a bit difficult to get there considering the traffic somewhere in Labangon but the food makes the travel definitely worth it. They are open 4pm-10pm, whole week except on Tuesdays. Price ranges from 100-190 pesos.

21 South Burger

Room for Improvement

I have nothing about the food. One of the best burger I’ve ever tasted. However, I can point out a few areas of improvement:

  • Dining Area is a bit small compared to the customer demand. Hopefully, they can expand a bit.
  • I don’t know about the vibe they are trying to achieve with their interior design but the lighting looks too dark for me. I’d prefer bright lighting as it makes the ambiance more comfortable and inviting.
  • Drinks offered are water and soft drinks only. Maybe they could add more to the list. In fact, I’d love to see more personalized snacks on the menu. Shakes and smoothies maybe?
  • More staff-customer interaction. Staffs were not rude, but they were not warm and friendly either. A little more PR effort would definitely be awesome.
  • Location is a bit remote. It’s not convenient to go there if you are from Central Cebu area.

Still, I would highly recommend this to my friends.  This may be the next big thing in town when it comes to burger. So, better check it out. Would love to see a branch or two in the downtown area. You may find them at facebook: www.facebook.com/twentyonesouth or contact them at 09458556060.

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  1. Seeing the name of the place and where it’s located, I had a feeling I’ve seen this somewhere so I checked it on Google Maps. It really is that new burger place I frequently pass by whenever the jeepney I’m on goes from F. Llamas to Quiot! 😄 There are lots of students who go there especially after classes. I might go and check it out when I’ve got free time 😊

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