Mt. Lanaya

A Weekend at Mt. Lanaya of Alegria, Cebu

Mt. Lanaya

Mt Lanaya of Alegria, Cebu and is at 720+ MASL. It is one of the most difficult trekking destination in Cebu. To get there, just ride a bus from south bus terminal whose route is Bato-Barili. Fare is around 160-210 php. Be sure to go to the terminal early to avoid the long queue.

If you are going to take the Legaspi trail (the one we took), you should get off at Alegria town and ride a tricycle to Legaspi barangay hall. A guide will be assigned to you after registering. Registration fee is 50php (I’m not sure, if higher fee is collected for foreigners). This trail is difficult as the average slope is 50-60 degrees. There was even a part where a 90 degree cliff hurdle left us no choice but to use a rope to climb. It took us around 6 hours back and forth from the base camp. Alternatively, you can choose the Lumpan trail, which I heard, was a lot more forgiving than Legaspi.

The Preparation

As I wasn’t really a trekker in the first place, I came really unprepared for this endeavor. If given a chance to go redo the trip I would have come more prepared to enjoy the experience better.

What to bring

Among all things, I completely missed the point of not bringing the right things. Haha. Therefore, if you are going there be sure to bring only what you need because the excess baggage will surely drag you down. Be sure to bring the following:

  • Your own water bottle. Trust me you will need a lot of water. For one thing, I only brought 1 liter of water and a bottle of Gatorade. I was confident that it would last the whole day. You know, on normal days (even when I play sports) I can seldom finish a liter of water. Surprisingly, 2 hours walking in the hot sun towards the campsite (yes… just to the base of the trekking site. They call it Windows XP. Dunno why.), I was almost through with my 1-liter water. It was a good thing that my companions has extra provisions with them. I was able to get more water at the campsite that was near the guide’s house… so this did not really became a bigger problem.
  • Bring ready to eat food. You will get hungry and there is no store along the way. Moreover, preparing food in the mountains really takes a while so be sure you are ready. Also, it is helpful to eat banana before the trek (for additional potassium, stronger knees).
  • Bring mouthwash and wipes! Extra clothes and towels would also be nice (but not too many). Avoid dark colored clothes since they absorb more heat than light colored ones.
  • A walking stick would be a great help. So find one on your way.


  • Wear comfortable clothing. If possible, wear proper trekking shoes/sandals. Being new to all this, I was confident going with a hiking shoes. To my disappointment, the soles of it becomes soft as time goes by so you will really feel the rocks poking your feet. In addition, it does not provide enough friction. During descent, trust me; friction is your greatest ally. What’s more, wear a glove! I thought it was just ”kaartehan” at first but gloves really have their purpose. While clinging to the nearby vines for my dear life, it was my greatest wish to turn back time and wear gloves. Haha. Some of the vines and rocks were sharp. Sometimes you slip and accidentally grab sharp rocks. It is also a plus if you wear arm cover. Bring a cap! Yes, sun block is not enough you need all the covers you can bring. 😀


  • Trekking

Our whole team arrived in Alegria around 8am… the walk to the campsite was already hot. I think it would have been better if we came earlier. Though we arrived at the terminal early (around 2:30am), we departed at around 4am already because of the queue. From the barangay to the campsites a solid 2hour walk. From the campsite to Mt. Lanaya peak, it was around 3hours of trekking. The ascent was a huge struggle for me as I have a few physical limitations to cardio activities. Flat ground were seldom as the inclination of the trail was consistent and unforgiving. During the ascent, there were more shades as the trail was covered with trees unlike the previous walk to the campsite. The descent was also around 3 hours long. Don’t forget to greet the locals on the way.

Mt. Lanaya of Alegria, Cebu
  • Picture Taking at Kalu-kalo peak

The peak wasn’t crowded unlike in Osmena peak. So it was rather easy to capture the view. The peak offers a perfect birds eye view to the eastern ocean and neighboring mountains and islands.

Mt. Lanaya of Alegria, Cebu
  • Camping

Our group stayed overnight at the base. We pitched our tents before the sunset. It’s advisable to bring mats as the ground aren’t as level as they should be. As much as possible, avoid using fires to avoid forest fires.

Mt. Lanaya of Alegria, Cebu
  • Stargazing

The moon was shining bright after our dinner and many stars were visible. The atmosphere was chill and the conversations were light and fun. We got up again around midnight when the moon had already set and tried to take picture of the milky way. A perfect opportunity to practice taking milky way shots eh?

Mt. Lanaya of Alegria, Cebu
  • Sidetrips

The next day, we descended but some of us stayed behind to bath at Mainit Spring. I did not go with them as I needed to go back to the City earlier that day. While some went to the neighboring Cambais falls to cool down. You can even pass by kawasan if you have time to spare. Once you are in the south, there are really many options to consider.


So here’s our Itinerary as summarized by one of my companion littlemisadvencha. You could also check out littlemisadvencha’s take on our adventure here.

Day 01 (May 11, 2019)

  • 0230 Meet at South Bus Terminal, Cebu City
  • 0300 Expected departure from Cebu South Bus Terminal
  • 0700 Expected time of arrival at Alegria. Have breakfast.
  • 0800 Travel to Brgy. Legaspi. Fill up registration, get guide and pay fees.
  • 0900 Commence trek via Legaspi trail
  • 1130 Arrival at Campsite (Windows XP). Have rest.
  • 1230 Resume ascending to Kalo-Kalo Peak
  • 1430 Reached the summit. Picture taking.
  • 1530 Descent back to Campsite
  • 1700 Arrival at Campsite. Cook dinner. Watch sunset.
  • 2000 Dinner. Devotion and Fellowship. Star Gazing.

Day 02 (May 12, 2019)

  • 0600 Wake Up. Break Camp. Preparation for Descending.
  • 0700 Descend to Highway.
  • 0830 Reached Highway. Breakfast..
  • 0930 Wait for bus. Return to Cebu City.
Mt. Lanaya of Alegria, Cebu

Final Thoughts on Mt. Lanaya, Alegria, Cebu

Over all, it was indeed a memorable climb for me. I consider it as my first serious trek. The climb pushed me to my limits and it was really rewarding being able to reach the peak in one piece. I guess this inspired me to climb more mountains. Since it was really life changing for me, I wrote another article about the things I learned in this climb. I would probably publish it in the next couple of days. So keep in touch. 🙂

If you want to know more specifics about Mt. Lanaya Climb, be sure to check out Pinoy Mountaineer’s post here. Like this post? Check out also “Things I learned in Mt. Lanaya”. 🙂

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  1. I am from Cebu too glad to meet you here in the group. I never went trekking in Cebu in my older age but I’ve been walking around in the mountainous province when were younger because of my mother work. The stars look so amazing.

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