21 South Burger- Next Big Thing in Town

When I tasted 21South’s burger, I actually decided that I’d go back another time to eat another one. That is not something I’d normally think about since I am certainly not a big fan of burgers. In fact, my picky tongue avoid it if possible. 21 South’s Burger is different compared to common burgers from famous fast food restos. Their burger has a peculiar taste that I actually love.

Inner Peace: 7 Toxic Things to Avoid to Protect it

In this world full of chaos and distraction, the greatest gift one can have is inner peace. For peace is the root of many beautiful things in life such as empathy, patience, compassion and happiness. If your mind is in jumble, you cannot experience life to the fullest.

Live life, Take Courage


Life is an adventure–a queue of easy and hard challenges. Each of these tests, no matter how trivial they may seem requires courage. These tests would be the ones that will mold a person to be better and stronger. Yes, one may live a life full of comfort, but life without challenges would be dull. These obstacles make life more meaningful. The pain tells us we are still alive.