Casa Gorordo Museum: Best Cultural Museum in Cebu

Casa Gorordo Museum is a flagship project of the Culture and Heritage Focus Area of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) and is one of the Philippines’ National Historical Landmarks. The museum focuses on depicting the Filipino society and culture from the colonial period up to the outbreak of World War II. It is one of Cebu’s most iconic landmarks. Here’s why you should definitely visit the Casa if you ever get a chance.

1. Comprehensive tour of exhibits

One of Casa Gorordo’s edge against the neighboring museums is that they strictly implement a guided tour. In the other museums, I was free to roam around on my own, so I easily miss some significant items. Casa Gorordo offers a guided tour which thoroughly explains each display. They also insert backstories every now and then. Thus, Learning experience is maximized. Even the seemingly ordinary things contain hidden stories so better pay attention to your guide as you tour around. At the end of the tour, they also give you the time to roam around again. 

2. Well-managed galleries

Casa Gorordo Muesum, Cebu City
Parian Gallery

Compared to the Sugbo Museum, Casa Gorordo has lesser exhibits. However, they make up for it in the way they’ve arranged their displays. Each of their gallery adheres to a certain theme or a certain period in history. Thus, It’s easy to follow along the story the museum is telling. The displays were arranged in a way that they would depict history and culture in the most effective way.

3. Technologically aided presentations

Casa Gorordo’s use of virtual exhibits and audio-visual productions made the visit more memorable. Combined with the guides effective explanations the visit was engaging and lively. They even have a mini-theatre where they presented a show about the manifestation of diverse culture on architecture of the early Cebuanos.

4. The Casa Gorordo Museum genuinely takes you back in time

Another plus factor of Casa Gorordo is that it effectively exudes the antique vibe. This may be because it is located in the quieter neighborhood, so you momentarily forget the city noise. When you enter the Casa, the ambiance takes you back in time. The pre-historic vibe helps the visitors to effectively digest the information they receive.

5. You will discover many historical stuff

The things you discover at Casa Gorordo are just precious. They have a way of presenting information in a fun, interactive and memorable way. You’ll learn more about the history of famous establishments here in Cebu such as The Aduana House, Compania Maritima, Cathedral Chruch, Shamrock Hotel, Fort San Pedro, Etc. Check out some historical tidbits below.

More of Casa Gorordo…

Casa Gorordo Muesum, Cebu City
Find Hon. Sergio Osmeña Jr
  • Did you know that Hon. Sergio Osmeña Jr. was the consort of the 1916 Carnival Queen? In the photograph below, he’s supposed to be the guy standing in the highest platfrom. But I should suggest that you check out the original picture in the Southeast Asian Digital Digest.

Casa Gorordo Muesum, Cebu City
Parian Gallery
  • Parian was a neighborhood of the wealthiest and most prominent families of Cebu. Their economic prosperity then translated to social and political influence. You’ll be surprise how many political names are connected to the original families in Parian when you check out this particular gallery.

Casa Gorordo Museum
Gallery of the Local farming tools used by early Cebuanos
Casa Gorordo Museum
Primeval Transportation in Cebu
  • Aside from the  gallery of primeval transportation in Cebu as seen in the photo, You’ll also notice the hundred year old brick walls enclosing the whole Casa. These are made from locally sourced materials such as limestones, coral stones, pounded seashells, and law-at (a local sappy plant used for its adhesive property). Roaming around the house you’ll also notice the slight touch of Chinese architecture displayed on the curved corbels and furnitures. This is because the early skilled builders of Parian were mostly Chinese.

Casa Gorordo Museum
Do you know that the size and grandeur of a house’s staircase also signifies a family’s social standing?
  • The 2nd floor focused mostly on the architectural aspects of the house. Though some parts were already renovated, most part of the casa was well preserved. The 2nd floor boasts the diverse culture of the early Filipinos.

Visit Casa Gorordo Museum Today

These and many more when you visit the Casa Gorordo Museum at Eduardo Aboitiz St, Cebu City Philippines. The entrance fee of 120 seems too much at first, but it was all worth it in the end. They will give you a nice keychain upon registration. You may also drop by their shop and café before you exit the museum. Casa Gorordo also offers customized museum tours and activities. Visit Today!



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